The secret of TOEFL!

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From whom administered the exam, where to held and when?

ETS (Educational Testing Service) is the world organization that administers this exam through registered local test centers around the world. They number about 4500 in 65 countries around the world. For information on specific exam dates in each city, visit the ETS page.


How often does the exam format change?

An extremely important condition for an exam to be adequate to the latest cultural and linguistic trends is its dynamism. The format of the TOEFL exam is constantly being updated, with 2005 being the last and one of the most significant changes in exam components.

The Internet-based version was introduced, for the first time in the US, and then gradually in Canada, France, Germany and Italy. Since 2006, TOEFL iBT has now been available to candidates worldwide and has completely replaced the older versions of the paper and computer exam.


How many dates do I have a year to go to?

ETS offers about 30 to 40 dates per year in different test centers around the world. If you are not satisfied with your score, you can take the exam unlimited times, but no more than once a week.

What is the fee for attending the exam?

The amount required to register for TOEFL iBT varies from 150 to 225 dollars. At late registration for the exam (up to 3 days before appearance), a further $ 35 (thirty-five dollars) is paid.

What is the length of the exam and how many days lasts?

The exam lasts approximately 4 hours, requiring a mandatory break of 10 minutes between the components. Unlike the Cambridge exams, at TOEFL iBT, you appear on all the components in one day.

What is the different and new in the internet form of the TOEFL exam?

The Internet-based test for the first time included the Speaking section. The communication does not take place with a real examiner, and the candidates speak in a microphone, the answers are recorded digitally and sent in real time to the ETS evaluation base. The exam is allowed to take notes and be used during the responses. After the time has passed, they are collected and destroyed by the Examining Board.


Structure is no longer separate but integrated in all parts. The new version of the exam requires an extremely fast and adequate integration of the four speech skills, so the tasks themselves are combined.


For example: you listen to a text and after that  ask you to answer oral to questions  or after reading a specific piece of text you listen to a lecture on the same subject and answer specific questions again.

You can make free TOEFL practice test to get used to the conceptionist of the exam itself.