What is the TOEFL exam?

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When applying for higher education institutions abroad, good knowledge of English is essential. All universities offering programs in English require results from the internationally recognized IELTS or TOEFL.


TOEFL has three main advantages: It is the most widely accepted test, the most popular and convenient choice for applying at a university. The test assesses the important skills that are needed in an academic environment. Most universities decide whether to accept a student based on the TOEFL score, as all the included questions and tasks are 100% academic.


Like IELTS, TOEFL includes Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing. The duration of the test is about 4 hours and the maximum score is 120 points (most universities require a minimum of 80 for admission in a bachelor’s program). The certificate has a validity of 2 years.


Results and validity


The test is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 120 points. Each of the four components carries a maximum of 30 points and the results are then collected. Your assessment will be published online within two weeks after the test date. The results are sent directly to the universities you have chosen when you signed up for the TOEFL test. You can also order additional evaluation reports to find out more about your performance. It is very important to point out that the TOEFL – as opposed to Cambridge ESOL tests – has a limited validity period of only 2 years.

Registration and Fees


You need to go through the following steps to register for the exam:


  • Register on a TOEFL page: www.ets.org and create your own account
  • Specify the desired test dates as first and second queries
  • Bring a TOEFL exam fee of $ 210. Payment only online with credit / debit card or Paypal. It is possible to pay in the exam center where you are taking your TOEFL english course if you use their registration services.


If your level of english is good, you do not have pass a special training course. It is enough to do some self-preparation and refresh of knowledge and TOEFL practice test online with scores to be ready for the test. You can read some books and magazines, watch movies and practice speaking in English. The best option is to find native English-speaking friends to get used to the pronunciation.

Where does it admit?


TOEFL is among the most widespread tests around the world. At present, about 9,000 higher schools and colleges in over 130 countries recognize the results of this test. To these we have to add the many state agencies and institutions in the English-speaking world that require some language proficiency. This test will be required when applying for a US or a work visa for the United States. Doctors who want to be in a country where English is spoken also often have to take such a test. Last but not least, the test opens doors when applying for work in international corporations.

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